MUFON 123510

Star size floating/flying nonstop I've seen these before and I know how different the movement is... It's unexplainable, and nothing like what we see with a plane, helicopter, satellite, or anything like that. It's a "floating" style with speed that's unique, we're just not capable of making anything that travels that speed and movement in the sky. I took closer pictures this time, and it's unidentifiable, and blur/fuzzy round/oval shape with a open spot in the middle. It changed its shape within a second on the same path. I saw another 2 just like this one, but coming from different directions, on the same speed, shape, size, in an area not far from the other one but going northwest instead of NE. A common place for these that I've seen, and have had a kidnapping by, was out on Hwy D near Hwy W, above the open field. I saw a similar star style, but these were in a floating tripod flying back and forth around a bigger star that floated. They took over my mind for 2 hours as I was riding in a car driven by someone else. The only thing I remember is before and after, and it was hard at the end because they couldn't get out of my mind control easy. So I ended up having my boyfriend at the time carry me in the house and put me in bed (via his words) and I slept for 2 days and was beyond exhausted when I woke up. He said I talked to him the whole 2 hours and it wasn't talked totally different and asked him a lot of questions. I don't remember what because this was back in 2001. They're here, but what they want I don't understand. But I guess, who does?
Source ID123510