MUFON 123258

I elaborated a procedure of contact in 1998 I can tell simply, from a ufo as a star passing slow in the sky, next day stopped above our position, enlightening itself and speeded. next I asked day I asked mentally give them right to land behind. I remember have received mental the next day a interdiction to go behind the house at that time of our sky observation. And the next day after this advise released to my friend, at 19:5 around, when i decided to stop my meditation in the front yard of the house of a house covered well by a wall... a blinding light increasing in intensity submerge the house for a moment, a white binding light surrounded the house from the back yard, penetrating windows followed by a sound of electrostatic charge, and black out... until landed behind the house backyard two day successively and the third day and other days was out of the house face to my sky timing observation between 6 and 8pm, taking off after a bright light disappeared, lock down the electricity of that location area. these events happened between the period of January until August 1998. We believed was a electric column with cable problems, but... in the back yard, after the wall is a bush of no houses, and area of 400 meter around until the electric transformer station, and also 400 meters to an Antenna post above a near mountain. I leaved Cameroon to return in Greece

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