MUFON 122798

Saw some mostly orange blinking lights on what appeared to be some flying crafts, 4-5. About 3 minutes viewed before they seemed to fly into clouds Was at home in our apartment on Ford Lake, 3rd floor over looking the lake. Was mostly overcast and dark, approx 10 PM. At home listening to Records, I was sitting at our table with full view of skyline thru our sliding glassdoor. I saw, way across the lake up at about 9 o'clock, 3-4mostly orangeish slow moving crafts? Lights blinking and they seemed to go in and out of the clouds. They were grouped together trailing to the left, then further to the lower left, a 5th appeared, same color. Too far away to determine shapes etc...I've seen many planes go over the lake in past 10 yrs and these definitely were not planes or helicopters. There was no noise. I was unable to get a camera in time and I briefly looked thru binocs, but they were about gone by then. They were bigger than what a plane would be from this distance, but I cant say how big they were. They were moving steady,slow, left to right and slightly up. After 3-4 minutes all 5 had seemed to go into the heavy cloud cover and didnt ever reappear. I was wondering if anyone else saw this. It was highly unusual, nothing like anything I've ever seen in my life. Was pretty exciting .
Source ID122798