MUFON 122360

Orb observed from home camera underneath the carport Attempted to send this info below but unsure it processed. Saw a bright ball type light on the home camera. Went to collect my phone to record it when I returned it was gone. However, it was recorded on the home camera which was then recorded with my cell phone. Time dates are shows. The lights were moving around as though it was seeking, it moved top to bottom and side to side. There is a translucent light that's floating in the background. After slowing the recording it appears to be a round ball but when flat it appears as a flying saucer from back in the day. The orb appears to have arms or wings that comes out at will or arm that allows it to maneuver or stay afloat. It also points forward to move forward. The wings or arms also allows it to crawl along the wall. At some point it absorbs the translucent Orb before exiting. Taking a closer look it appears to be resemble the Ancient Alien Gold Flyer Bobblehead without the pronounced face.
Source ID122360