MUFON 122335

Detailed Account of Entity and Craft Encounter I am now 67 years old. This event occurred when I was around 5-6 years of age, between 1959 and 1960 while living in deep south (Vicksburg, MS). Late one evening when my entire family were in the living room watching TV, I chose to sit in the back of the room. The reason I sat at the back of the room was that morning I accidentally fell onto our hot wooden stove and broke the fall with my left arm. My arm was burned, treated and put in a sling. The burn mark is on my left arm to this date. While sitting at the back of the room I heard a voice speak to me. I thought is was one of my sibling but the were all focused on the TV. So I decided to hold my head down and look up to watch them to see which one it was. Then the voice spoke to me again telling me the same thing, "to go on the back porch, I want to show you something". I could see that no one in the room said a word. This second time the voice was a lot more commanding and authoritative. So I got up and headed to the back porch, my mother had a watchful eye on me since I had been injured. My father was also present in the room. I walked past my siblings and went on the back porch. I felt that the entity that spoke to me was still with me, so when I came on the dark back porch of the old house we lived in that was built during civil war days, I said "I don't see nothing". Then the voice spoke to me again and said, "look up". When I looked up there was a huge dark object. Since there was a train yard nearby, to me the object look as large as a locomotive. My immediate response was to say "wow!". A circle of lights around the center circumference of the craft may have come on, I don't quit remember this detail. During my amazement, an upward retractable door open. And to my surprise there was a normal light skin woman dressed in white apparel to her feet. My initial sense was that she was dissappointed in me for some reason. Then she smiled. At first I only noticed her, then when I let me eyes wonder I saw a group of children all ages standing next to her. The were in rows of maybe 7 or 8 per row. Since I have eight sisters and four brothers, I had developed a skill of relating to youth and making them smile or laugh. However the youth had almost a trance like appearance. When I smiled at the youth the lady was somewhat surprised as that this behavior was unexpected. Then she glanced at the youth and back at me as though she had just understood why I had smiled. Then she turned back to me with an intense look and made motions with her hands, and I realized the burn on my arm had been healed. She made a jesture which suggested she had gained my confidence. Her expression also suggested what she had in mind would now be really easy. Then she started the intense stare and I began to go into a trance. I could feel my heart beat speeding up to the point I became afraid. I broke away, She look at me with a disappointing frown. I said to her I was going to get my sister. As I began to leave, the voice that spoke to me initially, spoke to me by name and said "joe, don't go". I again said I was going to get me sister. I went into the house and told my sister there was something I wanted to show her. She came onto the back porch and it was completely dark. Nothing was there. I never saw the craft again, although there were incidents before and after the sighting I believe are related. I should also, pointed out that the inside of the craft was very well lit. There were other human-like entities on the craft that appeared to be piloting and controlling the craft. I never heard a sound from the craft. In communicating with them no audible words were used. The craft never made a sound even when it departed. While I was facing the lady, the multi-racial group of children were to her left. My impression is that the children like entities were not happy. However there was some other entity to her right that was out of my view that in a strange way connected to me. Upon entering the house my mother asked me what happen to my arm since it had been healed. I told her the lady in the sky healed it. If I were to be hypnotize to uncover more details, my heart would start racing as it did when the attempt was made to put me in a trance. At this time in the late '50s in the deep south I had no knowledge of space craft or anything like this. Yet I was sharing this experience with close family members.
Source ID122335