MUFON 121854

Signalman Petty Officer Third Class on USS King DLG-10 I was on a fog watch forward on the ship in the Sea of Japan in 1970, it was late and dark. My watch partner and I both saw a slow-moving UFO moving from forward to aft of our ship (which was carrying nuke warfare by the way) we both exclaimed how shocked we were, it was silent and had a V shape dark body and V shaped lights that ran down the bottom sides but not in the back, Close to the lights you could see the lights were surrounded by a silver surface. It seemed once we noticed it, it took a fast deep dive towards us. We both screamed like little girls and ducked our heads and bent over waiting for impact. Nothing happened and the whole experience was quiet. I called the bridge on my radio and asked if they had seen what we did, since we were right below them a few decks. No, nobody had seen a thing. I don't know later if I asked my friends in the radar division if they picked anything up or not, I just can't recall. I know this was not a story that I told for many years because you would be considered nuts. We were not hurt or affected in anyway as far as I know.
Source ID121854