MUFON 121798

UFO Sighting in Cancun, Mexico April 04, 2022 - Medium sized formation (10-15 objects) with intelligent movement Over approximately 1.25 hours on April 04, 2022 while on vacation in Cancun, Mexico, my partner and I witnessed many lights directly overhead on a relatively clear night facing the Gulf of Mexico. The objects performed maneuvers that exceeded the limitations of conventional aircraft (manned and unmanned). At one point the object seemed to descend from a high altitude >50,000 ft asl to around <15,000 ft asl. Towards the end of the sighting, approximately 12 objects appeared in formation at >50,000 ft asl. They moved very quickly across the sky and stopped and changed direction faster than any conventional aircraft I've ever witnessed. I have an FAA Part 107 pilot's license and a B.A. in Physics. I have a unique perspective for analyzing physical phenomena and can say that without a doubt I captured an unusual and genuine UFO event.

Source ID121798