MUFON 120756

Saw an orange glow that I thought was the moon and then moving, then an orange orb followed by 3 - 4 others. From inside my house, I saw what looked like an orange glow kind of over my neighbor's house to the right and thought it might be a glowing orange moon. Went to look and the object looked like it might be a plane flying - was orange to reddish-orange. Started moving left across the sky, but was obsured by trees so I couldn't see very well. I then thought it looked like a meteor and was brighter than at first. Then I thought it was a plane that was on fire. Still going left (and south to north). Then the object appeared to stop and possibly got lower in the sky then kind of disappeared. Then back to the right where I first observed the object an orange orb appeared and was followed by three or four more. I thought they must be drones. Opened the door and didn't hear anything. Then the "first" object appeared again with another light to the left of it. There was possibly a whirring sound coming from the orbs, but it could have been from somewhere else. Was slowly moving towards our house, then seemed to go over the house with the object to it's left going along with it. The other three objects seemed to turn left in the direction they others were going and then they all seemed to fade into the distance. No photos or videos of this event.
Source ID120756