MUFON 120660

The object flashed into view and then made very fast and unusual manouevers, even stopping a couple times before flying off into the distance. I was watching on television a football match between Canada and Honduras at the Estadio Olimpico stadium in San Pedro Sula. When the camera was showing the stadium before the match, I saw the object. It caught my attention when it flashed very quickly into view while moving in a strange pattern. It's motions kind of reminded me of handwriting. It moved unbelievably fast and stopped a couple times before heading off behind the stadium lights in the other direction. It's almost as if it showed up to check out what was going on at the stadium. This made me very excited as I love reading and learning about UFO's, aliens, ancient civilizations, secret space programs and all that stuff. I had seen many odd things in the nighttime sky before, but never on television and never as low flying as this. This sighting blew me away because there is nothing on our planet that I know of that can fly like this. Another awesome thing about it was that I was able to rewind the TV program so I could record a couple videos.
Source ID120660