MUFON 120103

3 time I saw the object The first time I saw it, it was about 100m with light. The next day I saw it again, I was scared but I approach it. It was landed near foot of the mountain. I runaway to my home. The third time was after two days. Again it landed but this time I approach the maximum I can but hiding also. The thing that I took attention was I saw symbol of triangle and circle. When I made all around the object, i saw two window glass. It was somethinv like dark glass, then I saw two things like humanoid. They were long with big head like helmet of cyclist. After that I fell like I was unconscious. When I wake up, they were gone. After maybe 3 months, I saw them again. Some people who have cattles, said that 4 or 5 animals are missing.
Source ID120103