MUFON 118995

Ufo continuosly stays in area and contacts with ultrasound infrasound microwaae weapons Aliens have actualy make contact sort of they re using infrasound ultrasound microwave weapons they re staying in th area of city for months and just sitting on th same spot ufo changes color is redish when far away ufo went closer few times and pretended to be an aircraft had red lights and blinked just like aircraft to avoid detection however it was wrong shape shape of a small cone ufo made contact with ultrasound infrasound microwave weapons and it talked like it didnt knew that there was going to be a lot of reports filed entetis in ufo dont think much they said they have nothing to do whole day whole year they have moved to earth becouse it is much better then haning out in space it has good temparature and oxygen which they need to breathe they do science experiments becouse they have nothing to do and they re basicly kicked of their planet they re not actual aliens they re gmo aliens who have to go out of their planet to explore space and they saw majestic 12 in black and play aliens in black like little children and they also said they re playing scientist and they re not scientist they say they re never going to land becouse they re scared of getting killed everything aliens do is becouse they have nothing to do whole day whole year aliens sleep very little and re spying 24 hours a day for fun aliens write in simplyfied latin symbole they copied they have forgoten their own writing this aliens who re flying ufos didnt make this ufos they were made in a factory on their planet just like they were also made ik factory alien gmos and aliens dont know exactly how ufos work they just said it was magnets becouse they didnt make their ufos they were given ufos aliens behave very childish and like little children becouse they were gmod not to develop after certain age like 6 so their mental age is not very good the porpese of their program is so if their planet dies some aliens would survive and they dont have contact with alien planet becouse it is so far away so their resarch is useles and they just do it to kill time alien gmos re like little children and they just spy every day so they know where some nuclear weapons re just becouse they sink so much time they dont even have school in space they speak english however very weirdly not properly becouse they have been homeschooled they re not here to save planet that is just what they say out of their stupidity they re here becouse planet earth is a good planet to live better then other planets and they re just useless to whole planet earth and their own people becouse they were made to be useless just survive in space they werent actully educated they re like little alien tribe from asia becouse alien ufos re small to make then more efficent less aluminum
Source ID118995