MUFON 118569

Hillsdale 1966 anomaly also captured in Kazakhstan I was taking long-exposure photos outside my project office in Tengiz Kazakhstan in January 2015. The weather was quite cold as the trees and most everything else outside was covered in a very interesting looking frost. Being from Texas, I wasn't quite accustomed to seeing that so I found it interesting and decided to get some photos after work. Some of the photos were done using a tripod and doing long-exposure shots...anywhere from a few milliseconds to several seconds of exposure. After looking at them either that night or the next day (don't really remember which) I noticed two of the photos which were taken in the exact same spot had this little "something" in the upper right hand corner that I did not find on any of the other photos. I always joked about it being some type of UFO. Fast forward to last night (Oct 11, 2021) and I am watching the 1st season of Ancient Aliens, episode 5. Towards the end of the episode an image was put on the screen that I have since learned was the photo taken by William Van Horn in Hillsdale Michigan in 1966. As soon as I saw the image I sat upright and immediately remembered these two photos I had taken in 2015 in Kazakhstan. The attached images are: 1) the photo I saw on Ancient Aliens of Williams Van Horns that was claimed to be "swamp gas". 2) the first image with an :08sec exposure, 3) the 2nd image with a :05sec exposure and 4) a composite of my photos with a zoomed in inset of the anomalies and a crop of the Van Horn photo. My photos do not have the appearance of a flare around the image in the way that Van Horns photo does. But the shape is all but identical. Again, the photos were taken 49 years apart. I am quite sure Mr. Van Horn did not have a digital camera. Mine was a Canon Rebel T3i with a 44mm focal length and f/5. I would like to know what the original photo was take with, just to see if there is another way to debunk the anomaly.
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