MUFON 118328

Tall and rectangular. Dark gray around the rim and pinkish white on the body. It's difficult to answer the questions because it's not a space ship, it's something more unusual. (I think) I've certainly never seen anything like it before, have you? OK. I'm going to attempt to describe. It was a very tall rectangular object sort of on the horizon and way up into the sky. I did not notice anything while I was taking the picture. Then last night, going through my vacation photos, there it was. I had no idea what i was looking at. My friends say "Send it to MUFON!!!". So here I am!!! I am so curious to find out if anyone at MUFON has ever seen anything like this before. It kind of looks like a portal of some kind, and if you look just below the water and in the clouds, it seems to be dissipating. Good god this thing is so flippin' groovy! This is the only photo I've got. I hope it's enough. And I really super hope it freaks somebody from your organization out!! Please stay in contact with me, I'd love to hear what you guys are thinking. Thanks so much and have fun identifying this...whatever it is. 🤓 [ Item moved to F I Report {tjd} ].

Source ID118328