MUFON 117524

Saw starlike light (brighter type star) no sound move from SW to NE over my head. Seemed to curve some. When it passed another star the star moved. I was walking my dog and i got to the intersection of my street and the other street and looking up as i had been doing happened to see an object that looked exactly like a fairly bright star moving directly over my head in a slow speed such that i observed it for a few minutes but didnt want to keep standing in the middle of the street so i looked away. The objects flight path may have arced slightly. It had no other lights it just looked exactly like a star and mode no sound. The truly strange event was when it moved passed a stationary duller star, that star started to move toward the east as the main one was heading north east. The two objects seed to V off from each other until they passed the treetops. I kind of stopped observing because i thought my neighbors would be suspicious of me standing in the middle of the road looking up, but the objects must have been visible for several minutes. It is very strange for the second star to have been completely stationary and not be making a helicopter sound and then just start floating when the other passed. I have seen and reported an incident similar to this before to Mufon. After the incidnet I saw two aircraft in the area moving in opposite directions both blinking red. My mom came out to walk with me when i went back past our house and she and i witnessed a gold streak go by around ground level that looked the size of a boomerang and was only visible for a second. My impression of this incident is that they were possibly government surveillance stealth craft disguising themselves as stars or perhaps other entity crafts that seemed to want to be disguised as stars. I feel like the fact that I had been looking at the stars during the walk made them uncomfortable and want to leave. I got my phone out but it was too dark to see the small lights and felt uncomfortable using camera near houses.

Source ID117524