MUFON 116942

2 solid white lights with 1 blinking red light on the left traveling in a straight line from south to north I was traveling west on my way home from work along Holmes rd in ypsilanti Mi on thursday july 15th it was around 12:20am. I noticed a bright light in the sky coming towards me. When it was close enough to make out that it was not an airplane or any other aircraft that I recognize or have seen before, I noticed that there were 2 bright white lights in a parallel line (one on the left and one on the right) there was a fast blinking red light almost completely behind the white light on the left. There was no sound. The lights were moving in a straight line from south to north (left to right). It was moving so fast that within about 10-15 seconds it went over the tree line and was out of sight. I managed to get a short video of the incident. When I was playing back the video I noticed a separate set of lights in the upper left hand corner of the screen. There were 3 red lights in a triangle shape.
Source ID116942