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My encounter with an aerial phenomena It was in 2005 while I was in high school in December and it was dry season so the sky was clear.It was market day and I was coming from the market.when I reached home, I was near a huge cyprus tree then suddenly I looked upwards perpendicular.what I saw shocked and frightened me.I remained clued and nervous.I saw three stars (light balls )falling down towards me at approximately 500ft and above. It was very fast and and the three ball lights merged and disappeared in thin air without any sounds.It happened like in three seconds. Wow! I said inwardly, "is it ameteor?"Just in five seconds into the fascination, the light ball reappeared where it had fade and split into three light balls as they shot upwards and disappeared in two seconds . I gained strength and rushed to my mothers house terrified .I tried to tell her what I saw bt she was uninterested. I shared later with my neighbor friend who said maybe it was fireworks something I knew it was not. I shared with my pastor who said it was adivine sign in sky and I somewhat believed him .But recently as I have come across stories and videos on youtube concerning ufos sightings, am convinced I am awitness
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