MUFON 115884

we saw a very bright light over the sea, it ejected a red beam then a white beam and it disepeared in seconds we were in Awkar - saydet el mghara (Lebanon), we were a group of 5-6 boys, we saw a very bright light over the sea over (Dbayeh - Lebanon), at first we didn't care but that light keep on glowing and bright more and more and moving fast very fast so we took the phone and recorded it, then it ejected a red laser beam then a white beam and disepeared we are talking in arabic, some in the group said it was a satellite but sure a satellite doesn't eject a beam, so inside the witness group some of them not sure why they didn't see it or maybe they weren't focusing but 3 or 4 people of the group saw it so we told our friend to post it on youtube he wasn't with us he didn't see it live this is the youtube video
Source ID115884