MUFON 112331

Basketball light orb with appendages, Appeared on my front entrance thermal/IR 1080p security camera and was first noticed by my wife. As she watched , it remained at our front entrance for almost 3 hours. We have three security cameras on the front entrance, two regular HD IR and one that has a thermal/IR motion detector. Only the thermal/IR camera picked up the image. It was not visible in the other cameras or to the human eye. It hovered for short periods and then moved around as if inspecting the soundings and, at times. our cats who were eating. When my wife went outside to see what it was she was not able to see it. However, when she went back to the monitors, and played the video back of her going outside, the object first shrank to the size of a tennis ball and dropped to the floor. a few moments later it expanded back to the size of a basketball and hovered around her waist until she went back inside. The object remained at our front entrance until just before dawn and then disappeared.
Source ID112331