MUFON 111475

Not a normal type aircraft My husband and I were going thru Wis. rapids,going north, and he was driving. This was on Sept 18, 2020 at approx 11:30 am. I noticed what I thought was an aircraft to the western sky. Nothing unusual, until I began noticing it was not moving. I thought I must be wrong, so continued to watch it, It did not move. There were no clouds, and the sky was completely clear. It was a sunny dry day. Still watching it, it just disappeared in the air, totally gone. It did not have full wings, but rather were up close to the craft. Reminded me of the space shuttle in a way. It was a silver color. I know it did not go up or down, but stayed stationary, nor moved forward. I wanted my hubby to look too, but there was some traffic, and he wanted to watch the road.,
Source ID111475