MUFON 111350

Dancing Star Seen In Lower Sky Over Bottle Creek I took pictures and videos of an object that appeared as a dancing star in the lower skies over Bottle Creek, North Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands. The craft was viewed over two consecutive nights and was far lower in the skies than any of the stars that evening. It first appeared around 10.30pm on the Wednesday evening, and then approximately the same time the evening after, and was viewed by myself, my sister and her fiancee. The object appeared to be glowing and changing colors, from a white glow to a green, to red to a blue shade and would appear to just gently dance around the sky, almost bobbing along if you will. We filmed and photographed the object for about 40 minutes each night, on a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ200. Sometimes we filmed with the camera on full zoom, which seemed to distort the light, making the image appear like one of the "Tether Incident" crafts. However, we did take photos without the zoom on. The most striking image comes from one such photo, in which I uploaded the RAW files to my laptop and then zoomed in, and it was clear that it was a strutted hexagonal shaped craft with defined constructed lines. Whilst viewing the object through full zoom on the camera it did appear to be changing color and making sharp turns, at times zig-zagging around. At one point it seemed to split in two, although this could have been down to the resolution of the camera and the zoom trying to handle the light source. After viewing the object for around 40 minutes each evening it eventually just faded behind the clouds and disappeared. It made no sound, and it was the lowest "star" in the sky by a long way, making it easy to view against the backdrop of the dark sky. I will say that on the first night, after viewing the object, I went back into my room where I was staying and about an hour later the whole room started to "vibrate". The best way I can describe it was like an electrical hum that was penetrating the whole room. At first I thought it was just the bed that I was lying on, but then I got up to trace the sound/feeling and it seemed to be emanating from everywhere in the room, including the inside of the wardrobes, the bed ,the floor and the bathroom. My sister in the room next door didn't experience any of these things. It was a sensation like I've never experienced before.
Source ID111350