MUFON 110883

4 seperate objects going separate directions in a span of 10 or so minutes. We were several miles from The Great Sand Dunes and about a mile or two south of Zapata falls. We were looking in near pitch black surroundings looking up in a clear sky while viewing the Milky Way. The stars were all stationary except 4 distant and moving objects. All objects were illuminated. one seemed pink in color, one headed SE fast and visible for several seconds. One headed NW about 3/4th the speed of the 1st. The other NW for a few seconds and another E to W again a little slower than the first. At some point I thought naw, must be something else like a plane then my wife said no, there is a plane right there dark (body of plane not entirely visible, but with flashing lights. The plane was on a horizontal path and had just come over the mountains headed due west. The objects the 4 of us saw (one pointed out by my youngest daughter, under 10) seemed very high yet illuminated like a star. (we were viewing the Milky Way) over Blanca Peak and Mt Lindley. The best way to rationalize is either they were illuminated all the around and or they were so high that the sun (which had already set) was reflecting off of them. The illumination/ brightness seemed consistent even as they traveled over and away from us.
Source ID110883