MUFON 110718

In the center of the picture below the fighter jet there is a spherical object with a Halo. over the maasssive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon I am a retired physician who is interested in Physics and origin of humanity and the universe. I am well Read. This picture was forwarded to me from Lebanon and shows what appears to be a jet fighter flying over the site of the massive explosion that destroyed the Port of Beirut and portion of the city. Destruction was seen up tot 15 miles around the site.It was heard in Cyprus 150 miles away. Several eye witness interviewed consistently said they heard a jet in the sky shortly before the explosion. In the center of the picture below the jet appears a round daek object with a halo. I did not take the picture. It was published on line by an amateur. I shall contact the photographer and ask him to submit to me or you the actual digital picture.
Source ID110718