MUFON 109452

I saw what looked like a slowly move zigzagging star move across the sky with an irregular seeminly reappearing flight path after it began as still I was standing in my neighbors yard talking and walking my dog (like I do everynight)with my girlfriend at about 9 Pm and I looked up at the stars (as i often) over his house toward the east and it appeared that a star began to move in a flight path unusual to other planes in the area I see every night. It moved from east over his house in a neighborhood in warrior alabama. I pointed it out to my neighbor and we noted how odd it seemed because it looked like a star or plane at extremely high altitude with with random red and green flashing specs as the only difference around the starlike object but not like a plane. We noted how it seemed to zig zag start and stop and reappear after disappearing for a moment on its fairly straight flight path. Also at the same time many of my neighbors when, I don't trust returned home 2 on motorcycles who are Fed's and my neighbor who,i was talking to is exmilitary and there seems to be a lot strange with the animals in this neighborhood that has gotten me in trouble. The other neighbor came home with a barking dog and left again during the duration of the incident. It eventually passed out of sight. My neighbor said it was a ufo my girlfriend couldn't see it. Please check to see if the is a se to nw flight path over warrior in extreme north Jefferson county al. Thanks. These are strange times. I felt like it was watching us. Neighborhood animals had been acting strange and dogs barking
Source ID109452