MUFON 108897

Camp Arifjan, Kuwait 2012 I’m a pharmacy tech that deployed with the 115th CSH at the clinic located on Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. After getting off work around 1800 I would go to the gym located right next to the clinic and work out. After I ran on the treadmill I went outside around 2100-2200 and sat down to cool off. I looked in the night sky and saw a light that looked like a airplane light that is turned on when landing, as I continued to watch the light, the light quickly swirled like a smudge swirling in a circle in the night sky and then disappeared. After seeing that I was in shock and started going around asking if other people saw what just happened. Hope this helps in anyway though I don’t have evidence, but I hope it connects to something maybe being looked at in the Middle East.
Source ID108897