MUFON 108826

I saw 2 very bright white/silver orb-like lights hovering in the sky and I watched for no more than 30 minutes. On January 4, 2020 I went to smoke a cigarette and looked up to the night sky and saw a very bright white light. Before dismissing it as a plane I smoked my cigarette and watched it for about 10 minutes and it didn't move. I went into my room to grab my phone to record a video of it, but my phone was nearly dead. I put my phone in my pocket and watched it hover. As it hovered, it bounced up and down without a flight path. Then, it began bouncing in a figure 8 pattern, separating into 2 orbs. The light hovered while looking as if it were bouncing up and down in a figure 8 pattern. The video I recorded lasted no more than a minute and a half and the phone went dead because it wasn't charged. I went back into my room thinking to myself, "That couldn't be a UFO, could it?" I went back outside to see if the bright white light was there no later than 10 minutes after taking the video and it was gone. So, I proceeded to scan the night sky and that's when I saw a very slowly moving bright white light similar to the one in my video above another building across the street. It stopped moved slowly south, I went back inside to use the bathroom and that's when I took detailed notes in my phone which correlate to my experiences in my life as a whole.
Source ID108826