MUFON 108739

Sighting of an enormous elongated saucer-shaped object. While brushing my teeth before heading to bed, at precisely the stroke of midnight, a very large saucer shaped object phased in and out of view/reality on three occasions. The appearance and fading of the object reminded me of a transistor. White to golden lights surrounded the rim and were solid. The main body was coloured blue and a silver effect outline gave definition to the craft's shape. The object appeared above and beyond a large fir tree some 100 metres from our home and sat in the sky on approximately a 30-degree angle from horizontal (a decline from right to left from my point of observation). At the moment the object appeared I was thinking about how a basic water purification solution (chlorine dioxide) appeared to have rescued a close friend (a fellow lawyer) from London's while suffering from respiratory failure from suspected COVID-19. It lasted no more than 30 seconds. I was feeling frustrated about how exploration of the truth may suppressed combined with closed-mindedness in terms of safe and effective cures..
Source ID108739