MUFON 108624

Look at the upper right corner of photo. Brown/Gold object I did not see this until returning from vacation in Papeete Tahiti. This picture was taken at the Col du Tahara'a Observation Deck, maybe East of the city. I took this picture at 11:56am and took another picture at the same time but at a lower angle and no object. Then I took a panoramic picture at 11:57am and it was not there. I took this picture with my cell phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The brown/gold object is located at the upper right corner. What I was photographing in the direction of our Ship docked at Papeete. The Island in the right center of the picture is Moorea. Did not see or hear anything that day. There were about 30 people there that day and no one said anything.
Source ID108624