MUFON 107621

{jpg} Extremely fast moving Lights, in a row I, S, saw a fast moving bright light on a clear night, after dark, before noon rise. Upon looking, standing still, another light appeared, in line following the first moving one (I thought, sattlelight). No sound, no blinking. What is so wierd, there were 25 of them. Yes 25. All in a straight line, perfectly spaced. No deveation, no sound. I, still counting them, thinking...never saw this before. Then another line started, I called my husband to look at second batch. We both counted 14, of the second batch. He thinks they were traveling SE, perhaps 30,000 mph altitude of over 500000 thousand miles in the sky. They were hauling butt. They were all the same size, same light appearing, and Perfectly spaced..I said,( like pearls on a string.) A plane appeared, much lower, lights flashing, and I could hear its engine, traveling in the same direction, as the last of the 1st batch of 25, was about to finish traveling across the sky.I say, finish, because, there was a gap in the first line, and second line of objects. The plane appeared closer to the earth, so its appeared faster moving. It is pretty dark, but I knew it was a plane, not a jet. The second line of objects, were on a different course, just a bit higher in my line of vision. I would say, 2 minutes, after first line of 25, passed out of sight on the S.E. Horizon. Same heading, from NE traveling SE. My husband, second witness, said they traveled as fast as the fastest jet, and a slow meteor. As high in space, as they were traveling, they were traveling really fast. Hauling butt!! I kept looking, for more, for another 3-4 minutes. Nothing, clouds moved in afterwards, from a rain storm, North of Wheatland. Thank You! [name removed/CMS/jpg]
Source ID107621