MUFON 107187

{rjl} Saw Two of Multiple Lights Traveling SxSW from the North A friend was leaving the house when he came back exclaiming that he thought he saw some UFOs. By the time that we got outside, the majority were gone, when one, then another appeared above us to the north. Their spacing seemed locked together almost impossibly tight, and traveled together at the same speed while the more northeast of the two rotated a couple degrees around the other, keeping the same distance apart. There did not appear to be anything connecting the two. They were too bright to be a satellite and they traveled in a slight arc, which satellites don't do. The ones seen by the friend matched the behavior of the ones we saw together. He apparently saw more about 20 minutes later after he left. These lights match descriptions of other sightings countrywide on 03/26/20.
Source ID107187