MUFON 106990

{cak} Extremely bright object seen approaching from the south. Made a course change to the north east. No sound. No navigation lights. On 03/18/20 Extremely bright yellow/orange light seen in distance while on my deck. Time was approximately 7:50 p.m. when first seen. Approached from the south. Thought it was a commercial airliner at first - waited for navigational lights but none seen. As it got closer to my area it made a sharp change in direction to the north east - as it turned and passed, still no navigational beacons seen. Thin patchy clouds were present to the north east and as it passed through and behind them, object still extremely visible. As it moved off to the north east it seemed to straighten towards the north - still no beacons or strobing lights at all. At this point trees way out in neighbors yard began obscuring the object but still visible through tree limbs. Finally lost sight of it. Object never blinked, faded or brightened - stayed the same through entire sighting. Altitude was what i see in jets and planes as they approach Jackson Evers International Airport to the east. It seemed to merge or get close to the traffic lane coming and going from Jackson Ms. Speed was consistent with a small jet or airliner or a tad slower. Object was the size of Venus or bigger. No sound what so ever. Object was on a straight course towards my home then made the sharp turn. Temperature was 70 - 73 degrees F. Wind speed 6 miles per hour or less. Clear crisp night thin patchy clouds - Not a lot in the night sky. Great visibility. Dew point was around 62.25.
Source ID106990