MUFON 106563

Saw lights operating off the gulf of oman I was on a deployment with the Navy and was operating Near Oman (not going to say the full area cause OPSEC) but we were doing CQ and Cyclic OPs as we had been doing for around 8 months. I was operating a MFFV on the bow, watching the birds land for recovery when I see people begin to point up into the sky. Look I’ve been doing my job long enough to know the light patterns of military air fat and how they fly and the thing I’m bout to describe doesn’t match any of the A/C that I know of. So anyways where the people were pointing, a few miles out, was a light (it came literally out of nowhere) and starts trucking along port to starboard. Then directly after that light (a little lower) came another light (again out of nowhere) and then directly after that came 15+ lights in a prefect line coming out of that same blank space semingly out of nowhere. Those lights kept moving until they hit another point in the sky and then vanished one after another. Multiple people saw it, even old salt dogs didn’t know what it was. Still the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.
Source ID106563