MUFON 106552

{tjd} String of 30 to 40 white starlike object flying across the whole sky. This morning at 6:03 AM in Ypsilanti, Michigan I was in the bathroom and looked out the window and saw what I thought was 2 shooting stars or a really really fast plane. So I ran to my back door and saw some crazy lights in the sky. There were at least 30 to 40 of them. All within about 3 mins. They were almost flying single file from southwest to northeast and the first group of them (about 7 lights) was almost shaped in a U. The rest flew more like single file. They looked like bright white stars except maybe the first 7 were more orange and they were flying at least three times faster than any plane. There was no sound but they seemed kind of far up there. There may have been a lot more that is just when I spotted them. Then less and less flew by until I didn’t see any anymore. Lately I have been seeing (maybe 4 or 5 times my wife also saw them 2 times) only one golfball size light flying about the same speed but these seem to fly right up out of the atmosphere and disappear. This trail of light did not seem to go up and stayed in sight from one spot all the way to the other. Until the trees blocked my view. I tried to video but could t get my new phone set up to record quick enough so the video I have is useless. I’m hoping others in the area also saw what we saw.
Source ID106552