MUFON 106202

The orb like object. I am a Star gazer and most often time I do look up to the sky because I enjoy it. When I first saw the object, I was in the terrace of my house. It was coming from the South. It was very close like approximately 500ft above and 45 degree angle from my position and thought as a drone. But then, I suddenly realised, no way it could be drone or any known object so far I know, from my understanding, because there was no sound and object was glowing like a star. I then ran to my room in order to grab my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy 5). I hurried back to take a video. When I came back, the object took a sharp right angle turn to the East from my position from where I took the video with my cell phone. Eventually, the orbs like object vanished into the dark to the East.
Source ID106202