MUFON 105125

Please see detailed description This incident happened in 1965 in Marshall Islands on Kwajelien Atoll. My father was an engineer and my mother a school teacher, my older brother was old enough to be in the nursery school. I was 4 years old at the time, and I remember it well. Most of my waking hours were spent with a Marshallese family, Tony and Esther and their family. ( Kwajelien atoll had the highest natural elevation of three feet above sea level the Island was composed of palm trees, vegetation and some buildings) . I remember Tony waiting for the right alignment of stars and right time. We all walked together, in a pattern on the beach and we entered a large round area. Once we were there the sand, palm trees, vegetation and buildings were no longer there, we were somewhere entirely different. We entered the large round circle and all along the edges were beings, each different. Each one of the beings we saw was but one of their population, each was different. Tony told us to see them, but not look too long at them as we would enter their world, and now wasn't the time. We all walked in a circular pattern around the circle and we could see many different beings. I believe we left this planet and were somewhere else, where exactly I do not know. I remember the green beings, they were smaller than us and I was told I would see them again in my life, and I have many times. When ever I spent time in the forest or rain forest usually alone, I would get my mind in a different thought pattern and be able to see the green beings, and communicate with them. They really like us and although they don't speak as we do, with sounds they can communicate with us just the same, more complex. I believe we entered a portal and actually left our planet. Please use any of this information, but I ask you not to have a lot of research vessels descending on Kwajelien. The Marshallese told me when nuclear weapons were tested it disrupted our galaxy, made it off balance, they were very worried. Please note this occurred in 1965 in either May or early June before our family returned to the United States, I could not select 1965 and am unsure of the exact date. I provided the details I remember
Source ID105125