MUFON 104742

{rjl} Light blinks into existence above I80 moves slowly with unusual flight path toward clouds Bright white light blinks into existence above I80 at 0635 am around mile marker 100. It appeared some distance above an incoming cloud formation. It was just a ball of light almost like a very close star. At first it started moving from left to right but kinda bouncing instead of a straight path and also seemed to have a very dim very skinny light up tail that disapeard quickly. As it sort of merged with the top of the cloud formation it seemed to hold that spot sitting right on top and did a circular movement parallel to the ground u till the clouds covered it up. The hole incident lasted approximately 5 minutes.Because if the recent interstate closure there were huge snow banks along side the interstate and I couldnt get video going sooner so I only caught the last 1.30 minutes of the event.
Source ID104742