MUFON 104592

Four mechanics, myself and my pregnant wife were on a dirt road heading to Freetown when we saw a very bright light that started following us. Filled out and filed at MUFON HQ with witness on the phone, by Field Investigator 18809 on 11/20/2019. Witness is a published author and scientist. Witness has another sighting in Tennessee and will file a report on that himself. This one was in Africa when he was 21 years old. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We were in Sierra Leone in west Africa, myself an engineer, my pregnant wife and four mechanics from Briton. We were headed toward Freetown on a dirt road, in a Toyota Land Cruiser, a mining vehicle. It was darkish because of the jungle, about 4 pm, when we saw a very bright light. It kept coming closer and closer until we could see it was a glass like sphere at tree top level. It finally came and hovered over our car, which then stalled. One of the men was so scared he climbed out of the vehicle and hid under the vehicle. The sphere was about 20' in diameter above the palm trees. The light disappeared after a while and the men tried to jump-start the vehicle because the battery was dead. When they got to the next settlement which should have taken 3 hours they had lost 3 to 4 hours of time. The battery was totally drained dead and they had to acquire a new battery to make it to town. No one remembers what happened during the missing time. The wife had no complications with her pregnancy or birth of the child. The only off thing was the witness had a reoccurring nightmare that someone was calling to him and he would be awakened facing a window looking out, like he was being summoned He says he would suddenly wake up and feel like someone had licked him all over, that is the best way to describe it. The dreams went on for 3 or 4 years. The second incident at the same house in Freetown, in Sierra Leone, happened while he was babysitting his cousins and he went out to the back yard to get water from a tap. He saw a light like a meteor come down from the sky about 100 meters away. When he went to see what it was he was met with a thin being in a silver skin type suit crouching and making a noise.. He ran scared. Their is a silver man mentioned in the local lore as being seen in the area. His son has had an experience in Florida of being a woken sweating, by something sitting and breathing on his bed. The son was paralyzed and could not move. Another sighting was in The United Kingdom near Gillingham, when he and his wife along with other people saw a house sized metallic tear drop craft move across the area. It had windows and was spinning. It was very high up, about helicopter range, and very fast.
Source ID104592