MUFON 104482

{cak} What we witnessed directly above our house was what seemed to be an armada of well synced aircraft it look like they came out of a Vortex or just straight out of space because they seem to come straight down hover for just a little bit and then tilt to the right at an angle and then stream off to the right in the same flight pattern and it went on for almost 30 minutes there were 12 to 15 of them in each formation basically it was over a hundred UFOs they were like a blue phosphorus glowing color completely silent and at the same time it happened there was a really loud bang on the side of our barn and our dog took off running towards the barn and it sounded as though our dog was being killed it was attack and then out of nowhere our dog reappears over on the other side of the field opposite from where he was we called the police department the police department was there within 3 minutes but we didn't go down and let him in the gate because we thought it was weird that the place would be there so fast because we didn't ask the police to come out to our house all we did is called to report what we saw and asked if anyone else had reported it's so we thought that it was weird that the police was just going to show up back that so a little while went by and throughout the night we saw what seemed to be soldiers Delta Force looking army guys coming up on the side of our fence line running in that formation and lights around our property we saw a guy on a four-wheeler go up on the Ridge at Parkridge four-wheeler and turn the lights off its towards our house the next morning I went and walk the whole property I found all the footprints tracks from the four-wheeler and walk the property for about two hours before stumbling upon two men who were hiding in the bushes they got away from me I ran up to the house to get a gun and when I grab the binoculars and look down the hill where they were at they were just hiding behind our granddaughters swing set and I was watching the two that I caught and out of nowhere five other guys just appeared out of the bushes behind them and on the neighbor's property next door I saw four more of those guys and then on the other side of our property at the other neighbors house I thought maybe six or seven more men and these guys look really tough really well-trained military men and I was scared to death and I told I yelled over there what is the Army doing here I told him I'm not going to shoot anybody don't worry and I went back to my house and I just kept working cuz I was laying tile on my floor and then that night all kinds of lights were going off in the bushes all around our property we knew we were being watched we called the police again and they came out and discarded everything we told them told us that we were crazy and that we don't need to be calling them anymore and in the next light if it's cold and rainy wet and we use the thermal camera on our telephone to look out into the field and sure enough two of those guys were walking towards the house we diverted over across the field to the other side of the field at two other guys were coming towards the house so we unloaded at clip and fired over their heads they turn around and retreated and then we went to the front of the house what we saw a man with a gun a rifle and that's the point where we call 911 again and it took the police officers almost 30 minutes to respond they only sent two officers and they were very I'm concerned about our well-being or our safety

Source ID104482