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I was in Helo squadron and one night a few of us was sitting near our helo on the forward deck we saw a small white cigar shaped craft This report was filled out and filed from an email sent to MUFON HQ on Jul 23rd, 2019., by MUFON Field Investigator 18809 on July 31st, 2019. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was watching a segment of UFOs on the History channel today with Tom Delonge and Chris Mellon and they were investigating an incident that took place off the coast of California involving the Navy Carrier Nimitz, i believe it was 2004. they were referring to the UFO as Tic-Tacs. i was in the Navy in the 1960's and once aboard the U.S.S. Forrestal, an Aircraft Carrier, We were about 600 miles south of Puerto Rico in early 1967, don't remember the month. I was in a Helo squadron and one night a few of us was sitting near our helo on the forward deck talking and we see this object in the night sky. It was abut a mile in front of the ship and probably 10,000' up. It was a really clear night and there were plenty of stars out. This thing was stationary. then our ship made a port turn and this object shot in front of us. We described it as a small white cigar but when I saw the show a better description would have been a tic-tac. It was white and glowed. Next morning I bump into a friend who worked in CiC. i asked him if they picked up anything on radar. he said yes but weren't allowed to discuss it.. I said one question. We saw this object hoot in front of us every time we turned then it took off straight up and disappeared. How fast was it going? He said every time it was getting in front of us it was doing 4,000 mph then come to a dead stop. He wouldn't tell me how fast it was going when it disappeared. Just thought i'd share. name withheld

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