MUFON 100434

An object looked like a waxing gibbous moon hovered then took flight It was Ramadan time on July 14, 2014. The time was about 4:34 AM. I was awake and staring at the night sky from our veranda. There was an object that looked like a common star or planet, hovering in the western sky at 30-45 degree angle from the ground. The only unusual thing about it was that, it was very bright, brighter than venus. It would certainly go unnoticed, unless it suddenly started moving upwards towards north-west. I brought out my canon sx-50, a camera with 50x zoom, and took 4 shots of it before it went out of sight. 2 of the photos are included here. One pic clearly shows spiral patterns on it. On 50x zoom, the object looked like a waxing gibbous moon .
Source ID100434