MUFON 100103

UFO Iraq 2008 My experience was in Iraq, early summer 2008 en route from Mosul to Tal’Afar. I was a UH-60 crew chief in the U.S. Army. Just past the mountainous ridgeline in the desert, we were about 10 min from landing. I sat right seat, one of my first times on mission flying right seat. NVG as well, about 12 midnight. I looked out over the ridgeline to the north in the distance and noticed a sphere, like a perfect sphere, no lights or anything. I was a fresh journeyman ce so I knew cosmetic blemishes and operational defects and all. I tilted the goggles to offset any reference points, still there. Shook my head left and right with the limited 20 degree view, still there. I thought I’d say something to my pilot at the time that I thought I saw a ufo, as soon as I said that that, it amended its parallel flight path from us, and shot off to the northwest much faster than the 130 knots it was traveling. That was something I’ll never forget roughly 36.2896 42.6247.
Source ID100103